“I met Maxine three years ago and she has transformed my life. She is kind, understanding and has always been there via Skype or email, to further help with tutorials and encouragement. She came to where I live to help me, as I had no idea where to start shopping or what to look for. She is great fun too!”
G, North Wales

“Non judgemental, always happy and full of ideas for me. She has helped me find my own style, and I feel totally lovely and happy. She has given me a portfolio of styles and make up that suit my frame and face. I will always go to her for help.”
S, London

“I love her style and that always gives me ideas and tips. Maxine is great to sit and chat to also, and loves talking all things feminine. She makes me feel like one of the girls :)”
F, Bristol

“I spent an entire day with Maxine starting with a coffee, then personal shopping, and ending with a make over. Everything from start to finish was professional, personal and friendly. I had never met her before our day together, but by the time I had finished my coffee I felt to relaxed and had complete confidence in her abilities.

I was initially terrified at the prospect of my first day publicly shopping for women’s clothes for myself but was quickly relaxed an able to enjoy a day of indulging the most guarded aspects of my personal life in a way that I had always dreamed of.

Not only was the entire day fun and useful in terms of practicalities, tips and techniques, it gave a stronger feeling of clarity and meaning to my own identification. Being able to share my thoughts and opinions with someone who I had only just met but was so professional and attentive was amazing. It brought my doubts into the open and helped to rid me of some hang-ups.

Maxine is a talented stylist and make up artist. Once my make over was complete I was so overwhelmed by being helped to feel so beautiful, whilst bringing through my own personality. I am not a fan of pink floral dresses and Maxine was fine with that, I got to dress up in all the rock chick attire we could lay our hands on! Maxine respected my choices and tastes and quickly created a profile of outfits based on my likes and interests, whilst also making suggestions to styles outside of my usual selection.

I would recommend Maxine for someone who needs to tip toe out into the open, away from sneakily trying on outfits when your home alone just as much as I would for an experienced cross dresser and skilled applier of the little black number! She was skilled professional and a beautiful person and she helped me feel a bit more beautiful too.”
S, Bristol