New year, new you! – Introducing Maxine


“New year, new you!” is a series of blog posts to help you come up with a fresh new style for 2015, covering fashion, makeup, and hair. After all the festivities have gone by, we are starting fresh together! This week I will be introducing myself, telling you what I do, and my promise to you.

Personal Styling

As a personal shopper, I am a professional who is responsible for assisting in purchasing of clothing and accessories, either accompanied by the customer or not. My services may be required for both everyday life (wardrobe update, new additional items, etc.) and for special occasions or events.

Top features that are important to me as a personal stylist:

– A well developed fashion culture
– Refined taste
– Good listening skills

My promise to you:

– Always keep up with the latest trends
– Identify the needs and desires of my customers
– Analyse the body shape, colour tones and facial characteristics of my client and make informed, suitable recommendations on hairdressing, fashion or make up

I chose to be an image consultant because of my love of fashion and helping people to look and feel their very best. I also help clients to choose and buy their garments, where they may lack confidence.

Before going on a shopping trip for your new look there are a lot of points we need to take into consideration. Most importantly what you need to take into account are your facial characteristics, colour, and body shape.

Colour analysis

Colour analysis is a very important part of the work of a personal shopper. It’s one of my essential tools. It’s used to determine what colours and tones best suit you according to their hair colour and skin tones. I have a colour wheel and use it according to your skin and hair colourings. This is a very important part of the shopping experience, as to go prepared with the knowledge of what best suits you, it saves you both time and money.

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